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Welcome to the kingdom

We are worldwide network of top designers.

How we screen

Only top professionals are being hired after our rigorous selection process.

Step 1


We receive applications from all over the world and have strong connections with many Elite communities.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●100%

Step 2


New applicants need to answer a set of predefined questions, which allow us to filter only the best for an interview. We also check applicants' English level.

● ● ● ● 40%

Step 3

Portfolio Review

We check designer's skills and experience based on a portfolio and case studies.

● ● 20%

Step 4

Personal Interview

Each designer is screened by Head of Design who checks profesisonalism


Step 5

Test Project

We check your design skills and specialization.


Statistically, Only 2 of 100 candidates are hired, only 10 of 100 join our trainee camp.

Niche specialists

Every single designer has a narrow specialization. Every project gets the best fit for an industry and relevant experience.







Balanced life and work

Work from anywhere! All you need is just the internet.

100% Remote

Our work process is optimized for seamless work remotely.

Professional Growth

Our Leads are happy to mentor and help! Grow faster in a team of elite designers.

Work-life balance

Manage your time and find the the best work schedule. Even if you're available Part time only we have many projects with such engagement.

Our geography

Our geography is unlimited! Work and travel anywhere, no limits, no barriers. Our main bases are in Minsk, Tallinn and Los Angeles